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De-sk is the perfect solution between off-the-shelf and bespoke fitted desks.

de-sk Bespoke desks Off-the-shelf desks
Can be carried by one person
Can be built by one person
Packs into a box
Simple tool-less construction
Quick delivery
No custom manufacturing
Totally configurable
Makes best use of space
Easy to re-configure in the future
Take with you easily when moving
Not absurdly priced

Born out of one guy’s frustration with furnishing his office.

Hey, I’m Jonathan!

A few years ago, I founded a co-working space in London, called Keyboards & Dreams — because people use the space to make their dreams come true using keyboards

We needed 80 desks. Off-the-shelf desks weren’t ideal — the options were either consumer-focused ones which weren’t great for creating banks of desks (for one because they have 4 legs each; when you’re getting a lot of desks you don’t want four legs on every desk), or proper “office” desks were very expensive and not generally too funky. I wanted natural materials, and I wanted the place to feel more homely than officey. Desks are one of the most important parts of an office. People spend most of their day there.

So, like many companies, we built our own. We got some wood, some metal, and built our own. They had built in planters, monitor arms and they fit our space. They were a bit of a pain — we had lots of wood offcuts, needed labour to build them, had a few big deliveries of heavy wood and metal and things like that, but they looked great, people loved them and were cheaper than off-the-shelf desks.

Our V1 desks in use

But then over time our teams changed, and room layouts changed — say we wanted to change a 12 person office to an 8 person with a couch. Moving around built-in desks was a pain. They were all sized to fit, to make the best use of our space, and they were heavy and difficult to move or store. If we wanted to make a bank of desks bigger, that’d be a whole job, need deliveries of materials, cutting, mess, more waste. It’d always be a big pain, and it’s relatively often we want to make changes to fit evolving needs of the teams in our building. I can’t even imagine if we were to move office!


I knew there could be a better solution, and I wanted to make it. I wanted a desk system that was beautiful, minimal (hiding wires, integrating monitors), makes the best use of space (sized to fit), and most of all, is resizable and easily moveable without lots of tools or people. After lots of iterations, prototyping and designing, I created something I love.

So that’s the little story of how de-sk came to be born.

Design yours now

"My team got really excited about this. Love the concept."

- Jonny


We take our responsibility as a manufacturer to create sustainable products seriously.

If we’re going to bring new products in to this world, we want to do it in a way that minimises our impact on it before, during and after their useful lifetime. In itself, de-sk's design helps reduce waste by encouraging re-use, but we also mindfully select materials, manufacturing processes and packaging with our planet at heart.