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Frequently Asked Questions

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  The Product

Are you just for offices? I'd just like a de-sk in my house!

De-sk fits in beautifully at home, especially with its built in wiring and clean surfaces.

Is de-sk cat or dog proof?

Absowoofinglutely! Dogs love de-sk. Cats have shown neither interest nor disinterest. But we're constantly looking for feedback, so if you do capture images of your dogs or cats enjoying your de-sk, do forward on!

Can you put together my de-sks for me?

We don't currently offer that, but de-sks are incredibly easy to put together, and can easily be constructed by one person. The frames just need four bolts tightening (Allen key included), and the wooden slats just click in to place. Your de-sk comes with simple to follow instructions, and we're always here to help.

How does the cable management work?

De-sk has a channel underneath at the back to neatly carry all your cables. When using our under-de-sk sockets, you can just have one power cable from the desk to your wall socket, and by combining our modules and cable holes you should be able to have a pretty wire-free desktop and bottom!

How does desk resizing work?

Simply contact us, letting us know your order number, current desk width and what you'd like to change it to and we'll help you out :) Simply order the replacement frame lengths you need, and either more slats if making your de-sk wider, or store your extras if making it smaller.


Can I pay by bank transfer or on invoice? What are your payment options?

We can take payment via bank transfer or credit/debit card. Just select your preference during checkout. If you select to pay via bank transfer, we'll email you an invoice within 24 hours of your order with details of how to pay. We will need to have received cleared funds before processing your order.

  Deliveries & Returns

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver as standard to all EU countries, the US and Canada. Delivery costs are included in the cost of your de-sk.

Is there aaaanny way you can deliver to my country?

Possibly! Contact us and ask :)

How big is the delivery? Do we need more than one person to accept it?

De-sks are delivered in our special de-sk boxes, each weighing no more than 15kg each and easily handleable by one person. We know getting furniture delivered and into your office can often be a pain, so we've worked hard to make it as easy as possible. The number of boxes depends on the size of de-sk you order, but you can see package sizes and weights on the design page when designing your de-sk.

Can you deliver upstairs?

Our standard delivery is to ground level, but if you'd like a special delivery for us to bring upstairs, we can arrange that for an extra charge. Just ask before or quickly after placing your order!

Can I return my de-sk?

We want you to love your de-sks, and offer an unconditional 30 day returns policy. If you'd like to return your de-sks, just contact us and we'll arrange a free collection.

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We take our responsibility as a manufacturer to create sustainable products seriously.

If we’re going to bring new products in to this world, we want to do it in a way that minimises our impact on it before, during and after their useful lifetime. In itself, de-sk's design helps reduce waste by encouraging re-use, but we also mindfully select materials, manufacturing processes and packaging with our planet at heart.